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y dear old chap, will be willing to admit that I don’t go in heavily for side whiskers. Take a long piercing look.” Ledyard scowled wretchedly at the impish countenance blandly presented for inspection. “The trouble with you is that you simply can’t take it in that any one on the whole bally globe could prefer a Bengal tiger to a British lion and a bird of paradise to an Americ

an eagle. You see before you a foul monstrosity who would trade all the British Isles for twenty yards of jungle, and gloat over his bargain. Have a cigarette?” “No, I won’t have a cigarette. You make me so sic

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k and tired with all that jaw about what a devil you are that I could yell. Once and for all, are you going to drop it and come back with me?” 273 “Once and for all I am not going to move one

quarter of an inch. Stop jawing yourself for a minute, and try to see it my way. If you’d been chivvied about for your entire life by a lot of frenzied vestals for aunts who were trying to gui

de you to what they unfortunately considered grace, and three simply appalling bounders for brothers who set up the most frightful howl over the Bolingham name and the Bolingham honour and the B

olingham fortune every time the youngest member of the Bolingham family picked a primrose, you’d good and well think you were in Heaven if you could get out of earshot of their ghastly voices.?/p>





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